Fall Launch Plans. Will be in Clio, not Three Oaks


With the late harvesting of the corn in recent years by the new farmer, early November launches at Three Oaks have not worked out. This year the Mighchia group scheduled a Three Oaks launch the weeked that Team-1 was planning to have ours. With a Jasckon launch the weekend prior, the open weekends for a three oaks launch were too late in November.

The BoD has decided to hold the Fall Team-1 launch at the new field in Clio in November. The date is still pending but will be late in the month. It will be posted here are to the newsgroup when the BoD has made a decision. We have a 5000ft standing waiver. One of the FAA operations people is interested in joining the group and already asked his bosses "if" we could get permisssion on a "flight by flight" call in to 9000ft, and they seemed open to it. The field is about 1hr north of must of us in the Detroit suburbs.

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they will be doing LOTS of improvements to the field and taking down one tree line. There is an equipment hanger that we can use to get out of the winter wind or summer's blazing sun. As well as a place to store the trailer. It's not Manchester, bet we can still have a lot of fun there. I'll keep you posed on the FAA waiver issue


Please contact tony (Prefect@team1.org) or Stuart (viceprefect@team1.org) if you have any questions

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