First launch at ALKAY airport SATURDAY DEC 5th

I decided to move the Team-1 Trailer up to the new launch site, Alkay Airport in Clio) and asked if at least one of the BoD members would join me so that the insurance would be in place and we could start launching!

Bob Schultz and Norm Nazaroff volunteered to be there so we can start flying! I will be at the Alkay airport Saturday Dec 5th at 9am, so as soon as we coordinate with the landowner and get a pad or two set up we can start flying. The waiver will be 5000ft, be we can still have fun with that.

"IF" you believe the weather forcast it is going to be 48 degrees and SUNNY!

SO PLEASE JOIN US and pass the word. We're going to start flying again! And the field is GRASS so we won't be dealing with th MUD of Three oaks!

The airports NEW name is ALKAY, but it's yet to fully populate through all the mapping programs. You can click this link to get started on driving directions (or just google "cagney airport michigan map"),-83.7955818,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x9edeea13bf4b6664

We hope to fly from 10 am to about 4 or 5 pm (depends on the crowd and the weather (supposed to be 40 and partly sunny, if you believe the weatherman)

Hope to see you there! again, sorry for the short notice but I've got rockets to fly, we have a field and the waiver. So let's get started!


Please contact Stuart (, Bob Schultz ( or Tony ( if you have any questions

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