APril 16th Alkay Airport Rocket launch IS ON!

Michigan Team-1 members and friends:

I called in the NOTAM and notified the Flint Airport that TEAM-1 will be flying at the Aklay Airport Saturday April 16th.

With the calm winds predicted I was able to negotiate that we could fly up to 6000ft above ground level, vs 5000 ft last time.

"If" we use that extra altitude we will need these higher flights to be "Dual Deployment" and watch the rod angles and the wind. If in doubt AT ALL, ask me (Stuart). But it looks like a great day to FLY ROCKETS.

I'll also have the new (well, new to us) ATV there for people to use to recover their rockets. It has a built in padded recovery rack and can make a long walk turn into a short easy ride. Helpers at the launch get first "dibs" on using it. I'll give anyone that is interested a quick tutorial on how to ride it. It's not hard. Again HELP=ATV use.

It looks like we will have a GREAT day to fly, so dust off your rockets and joine Team-1 for a good freindly launch!

Please click on the link on the main page under "Calendar" (at the right side) for directions to the launch site. We should arrive about 9:30 to set up and be flying by 10am. Help with set up, range operations AND clean up/packing will be needed. So PLEASE come with a spirit of giving about 30 minutes of your day to help the event be a success

Tripoli Prefecture 9
Michigan Team-1