April 23rd Alkay Airport Launch Report

Subject: Launch Report: Alkay Airport Saturday 04/16/16

Michigan Team-1’s latest launch event at Alkay Airport occurred on Saturday 04/16/16. The day dawned with a cloudless blue sky, no wind, and temperatures that rose into the 70’s. The FAA tower at Bishop International Airport in Flint gave us permission to fly to 6000 feet AGL, 1000 feet more than the usual 5000. There were 29 flights total, with the following motor breakdown:


B          6

C         2

D         1

E          5

F          7

G         8

H         3

I           3


           35 total


Flight operations were terminated at about 1600. Range setup and teardown went well, with many contributing to the effort. I won’t list the folks who helped for fear of leaving someone out; you know who you are, and your team spirit was noticed and appreciated!

The new Team-1 rocket launch sign was installed on the main Alkay Airport sign. See the Discussion Forum email of 04/17/16 for a photo.

Once again, owner Doug Smith graciously made available the bathroom facilities in the airport office building for flyers’ use. I heard at least two of the ladies present comment how much they appreciated this touch of civility that’s usually lacking at a rocket launch.

Mr. Smith put in an appearance early during range setup, and again later in the day, and seemed genuinely pleased at how well things were going. Also, the Smith family brought Rob Smith (a life member of Team-1) to the event to witness a number of flights. As always, Michigan Team-1 extends a heartfelt thank-you to Mr. Smith for allowing us to pursue our hobby on his airport property.

Respectfully submitted,


Robert W. Schultz                


Michigan Team-1

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