July 16th Alkay Airport launch altitude information

Michigan Team-1 members and friends:

I just got confirmation from the FAA we can fly up to 6000ft AGL (above ground level) for the Aklay Airport Rocket Launch Saturday July 16th.

HOWEVER, any flight above 3000ft should use dual deploymnet due to the recovery area. AND all rod angles will need to be tipped down wind/down range. Any flight over 2000ft that goes straight up will end up in a tree. So we need to watch the angles and how other rockets recover to keep them all inthe field and on the grass. We had a nice flight last time, that ended up landing in the tallest pine tree. Let's learn from that.

Please click on the link on the main page under "Calendar" (at the right side) for directions to the launch site. We should arrive about 9:30 to set up and be flying by 10am. Help with set up, range operations AND clean up/packing will be needed. So PLEASE come with a spirit of giving about 30 minutes of your day to help the event be a success

Tripoli Prefecture 9
Michigan Team-1