July 16 2016 launch video

Michigan Team-1 members and friends:

If you missed the July 16th Team-1 launch, wow, did you miss a great day. Bob Schultz wrote a text version of a launch report,https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/team1discussions/conversations/messages/7271 but nothing can convey the fun we had like the below video, thanks to Adam Burges and Bill Kippen. The video of just part of the launch can be found by clicking the below link

The comments from the crowd were great. People drove up from Bowling green Ohio, Down from Traverse city the prior launch, Jay Calvert from www.impulse-buys.com came from near Kalamazoo and said "this is a really great field" as he stuffed an "I" motor into his LOC Minnie Magg. It was a calm day and the waiver to 6000ft allowed some great flights. The landowner is great, the field is very good, the Team-1 launches are "family friendly", "Kid friendly" and everyone liked the fact that there is a real bathroom in the office building.

If you missed it, Man, you missed a great one. Come on over on August 20th!

If you listen to the song you will hear "where do we go from here?". We go bigger, higher, the sky is wide open! 

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Michigan Team-1