Sept 17th Alkay Airport launch PLANNING/Volunteer sign up

Michigan Team-1 members and friends:

In preparing for the upcoming Sept 17th Team-1 Alkay Rocket launch the BoD has decided that we seem to have the "routine" of how to run the launch pretty well established and now it's time for the BoD to ask the members to help run the event by donating just one hour of time (or more if you like). We've (the BoD) been busting our tails setting up, running and packing up the launches and now it's time to get back to the "Team" being more involved.

Eldred created a way to sign up for time slots at the below web site. You'll need to register for an account (sorry for the hasstle) and then you can sign up to help. We will also be resurrecting the "White Board" sign up on site at the launch, so you can sign up there too. Don't be intimidated to do a task. If you need training one of the BoD will be HAPPY to show you how to do a task like LCO (it's not hard).


Tripoli Prefecture 9
Michigan Team-1