Dec 17th Alkay Airport launch is cancelled due to snow/rain forcast

Michigan Team-1 members and friends:

The BoD has been keeping track of the weather and there is mix of rain and snow forecasted for Saturday. Additionally only 1 board member (Stuart) can attend the event. As the runway is not plowed we would have to walk through a foot of snow to get even a few pieces of equipment set up. I can't participate in that with my bad knee. And with no plowed area, setting things up will be tough. So the Saturday Dec 17th Team-1 launch is cancelled due to weather

We'll see what January brings. Thankfully we had some good days last year, including the Inaugural launch on Dec 5th which was a great launch! So the season is not a "write off". But the snow/rain mix will keep us from flying this weekend.

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Michigan Team-1