Saturday, 3/18/2017 Team-1 launch cancelled due to weather


Michigan Team-1 members:

Unfortunately, as my first launch decision as Team-1 Prefect, I must cancel our launch on Saturday, 3/18/2017.

With information obtained from BOD Member Jeremy Smith, who represents the owner of the field, and from

1. While the ground is frozen today, it is going to warm up a touch on Friday but record an inch or two of snow with mixed rain and sleet overnight.
2. Winds for Saturday are predicted to be 12 gusting to 16 MPH, with cloud cover and snowfall accumulation of another inch or two.
3. While the High is predicted to be 43, the wind chill will be below 30 most of the day.

With the water and the cold, the field is likely to be sloppy or icy, neither of which is great launch conditions. The wind is the biggest issue. By rule, we cannot launch in high wind conditions nor can we launch into cloud cover. Furthermore the wind and windchill will make the launch miserable to attend and administer. While Sunday appears to be better weather, the BOD has not planned for alternative launch dates at this time and is not available. We will look to forward to the April 15 launch and hope for better launch conditions. Keepiní the batteries charged,

Norman Nazaroff, TRA#4812

Prefect, Michigan Team-1

Tripoli Prefecture 9
Michigan Team-1