June 17th Alkay Airport Rocket launch IS ON!

Michigan Team-1 members and friends:

Team-1 It looks like the Flint weather will provide us with a reasonable launch window between 11 am and 5 pm tomorrow.

Let's have a late arrival setup time of 10am to let the overnight rainclouds pass. The temperature looks to start warm and get warmer throughout the day, starting overcast and then mixed sky and clouds. Typical Michigan summer day! We might get a passing shower, but we probably won't. With light winds from the SSW, we will be able to angle flights over the runways and have them come back to us for safe high flying!

Jay will be there for engine support, so bring out the projects!

J Hope to see everyone out at Alkay tomorrow!

Norm Nazaroff Prefect, Team-1

Tripoli Prefecture 9
Michigan Team-1