2018 candidates for the Michigan Team-1 Board of Directors

Michigan Team-1 members:


Michigan Team-1 2018 Annual Meeting

Article 5 Section 3 of the Michigan Team-1 Bylaws says, in part, the following concerning election of a Board of Directors:

"The Prefect will form a nominating committee or solicit nominations in November of each year. At the next scheduled meeting the members will vote on the candidates running for office. The candidate receiving the most votes for each position will win that seat. In Tripoli Prefecture 9 Inc., the members will elect the Board of Directors directly. Candidates will be announced at least 10 days prior to the election, by the US Mail or by e-mail." (italics added for emphasis)

The purpose of this email is to comply with the 10 day announcement requirement.


The candidates for 2018 are:


Prefect :                                   Norman J. Nazaroff

Vice-Prefect:                           Jeremy D. Smith

Recording Secretary:              Robert W. Schultz

All candidates have been verified as current members in good standing of both Tripoli Rocketry Association and Michigan Team-1.  All candidates have been verified as members of Michigan Team-1 for at least 1 year.  All candidates have indicated a willingness to serve.


The Annual Meeting at which the BoD election will take place is scheduled for Sunday, 01/21/18, at 1300 eastern.  Its location will be the Livonia Public Library, 32777 Five Mile Road, Livonia, MI 48154.  Itís on Five Mile Road east of Farmington Road.  We will be meeting in Meeting Room A.



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