MICHIGAN TEAM-1                                           

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION                                                                       


Mail this form to:          Team-1 Membership

c/o Robert Schultz

5402 Red Fox Drive

Brighton, MI  48114


Dues are $20 per year, make checks payable to:  Michigan Team-1


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Please print:

Name:                                                                                        TRA #                

  (first middle last)



City:                                                  State:                             Zip:                      

Phone:  (home)                                                     (cell)                     _____

Date of Birth:                                   



Email Address:                                                                                                   

Certified:    Yes   No (circle one)                          Authority:   TRA   NAR (circle one)

Level:              Date:                            Location:                                       

Other Rocket Groups:                                                                      

I am applying for TRIPOLI Prefecture 9, (Michigan Team-1) membership status.  I agree to all regulations, safety codes, rules and I am a member in good standing with the TRIPOLI ROCKETRY ASSOCIATION, INC.  It is further understood that by my signature the purpose and objectives of our group is scientific and recreational.


I also agree to hold harmlessTRIPOLI Prefecture 9, (Michigan TEAM-1) and TRIPOLI ROCKETRY ASSOCIATION, INC. from any liability of group activities.  This will remain in effect until I submit a letter of resignation or my membership is allowed to lapse.


Signed:                                                               Date:                                               



Adult/parent name and signature is required for applicants under eighteen years of age.

Adult/parent name (print)                                                                                                                                         (first middle last)

Adult/parent signature                                                                            Date:                      _______

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